She spends all night in that loud rocking chair. Maybe I should have gotten rid of it when she died.


I woke up to the sound of my spouse and child playing down the hall. I thought I was just hearing things since I cried myself to sleep after their funeral.


The sound of knocking on the front door woke me in the late morning. I was fully awoken when I realized the knocking was coming from the attic door.


My daughter shouted for me to come see her new dress. I froze when I saw my daughter trying to hold up the dress her mother was buried in.


On his 10th day of apocalyptic seclusion in his boarded up house, he decided to shave. He nicks himself at the knock on the bathroom door.


We spent all night dancing to music from our wedding. I almost forget about your funeral the next morning.


She walked down the hall in the middle of the night to her crying baby. Then she remembered she doesn’t have one.


The last thing she remembered was driving out to watch the meteor shower. She woke up today to odd electronic sounds, bright lights over a white bed, and a three-month pregnancy bump.


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