A: Did you finish all of your chores? Including cleaning?

B: Had a hard time gettin’ e’erythin’ in them boxes you given me. Had tuh split e’erythin’ up mor’n I’spected.

A: So… Are you telling me that you did not complete the delivery I requested?

B: Yes, suh. I mean! No, suh! Them’s boxes on your wife’s porch like’n you said. Not a one leak either.

A: Excellent. Now, call her to tell her that her loving husband knows about her little bedmate, and that he’s sent him over to her.


A: You know.. You’re the best friend I’ve ever had.

B: Ah! I feel the same way about you. We reflect one another so well.

A: I love that we always wear the same outfit! And our hair is identical.

B: We even have the same earring! Too bad we have them in different ears.

A: No matter what we do, you’re always going to be the mirror image of me.



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