Lay Me Down

Chrisho, Arkansas – Winter in 2010.

ALEXA is sitting at her desk in her bedroom. There is a simple laptop with a college application open, and there are college flyers scattered around the desk. Above her headboard, the words, “Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep…” are painted in gold on her dark blue walls.



(Exasperated) Ugh.


She pushes all of the flyers onto the floor, and lays her head on her arms on the desk.



Rough day?



(Without lifting her head) What are you doing here, Lexi?



(Mock hurt) We’re best friends… Why wouldn’t I be?



Ummm. (Beat) Because I did not ask you to be here? I just need some time alone.



LEXI picks up the book from ALEXA’s bed, and opens the page to where it’s bookmarked.


Funny. (Beat) You probably should have said that to what’s his name with the guitar that smokes 3 packs a day. Ya know. (Beat) Instead of letting him into your car. (Laughs) And I don’t just mean the Rav4.



ALEXA sits up and spins in her chair to face LEXI.


Is that why you are here? To make me feel even worse. You have no idea how hard it is to wait. I have literally been counting the days!


A few tears escape from her eyes.


You know they cannot find out. No one can. What am I supposed to do?


(Sarcastically) ‘Hey Mom, hey Dad. I sent in all my applications early. Oh and by the way, while I have you here. I’m about a week and a half late on something else though.’


(Back to normal voice) Ha. Yeah. That will go over well.



Leans back on her hands on the bed, and stretches her legs out.


Babe, relax. That’s why I’m here. Ya know? To save the day and all that good ‘what are best friends for’ stuff.


LEXI lays back on the bed.



(Annoyed) Okay, if you are planning on helping me, then please do it. If not, then can you leave me alone for a little while?


ALEXA turns back to face her desk.



(Chagrined) Oh, sweet, little Alexa.


LEXI gets up, and walks up to stand behind ALEXA.


I’m pretty sure you know what you have to do. That’s why I’m here. To help. I’ve been there.


LEXI spins the chair around, so ALEXA must face her.


I know what you really typed for that “essay,” and you weren’t very sneaky about what’s in your pocket.



ALEXA brings her hand to her pocket.


You’re right.


She looks over her shoulder at the laptop screen.


I can’t hide anything from you. And I can’t keep lying to myself.



LEXI holds out her hand. ALEXA takes it, and they walk back to the bed together.


Go ahead. Get comfortable.



What now?



You need to take them out of your pocket first.


LEXI watches as ALEXA brings her fist up to her mouth, and empties it.


Good girl. Now, how about you tell me a story. (Beat) To help pass the time.



(Eyes closed) What do you want to hear? You already know them all.



Our favorite. The one about the twins. It’s time you wrote the ending.



Okay. (Beat to take a deep breath) All life is brought from other life. Including people. Sometimes, though, we can get more than one life. Twins are magical people. Their connection can withstand everything. Even death. One special set of twins were separated very early on. The second twin got to stay with their parents and grow with them, but the first twin wasn’t allowed to stay. She got taken back to where she came from. But. But that didn’t stop her from visiting. Oh, and did she visit. (Beat) The second twin loved spending time with her sister, but she was always sad to see her go. (Thoughtfully) One day, the first twin came back after a few years being away. This was going to be her last visit. Not because she was saying “goodbye.” Oh, no. (Beat) This was a special trip. This time she was coming to take her younger twin back with her. And (Beat. Another beat) They would finally (Beat as she tries to control her breathing) be the sisters (Beat) they always wanted (Beat) t…


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